Sales is often closely connected to new businesses, but to take care of your existing customers is just as important. Here are five tools to succeed with good customer care:

1. Fulfil basic expectations

If you don’t fulfil basic expectations the customer will feel ignored, which is one of the most common reasons to lose your customers (source: US Small Business Administration and the US Chamber of Commerce). Therefore, be sure to respond quickly to e-mails, use your voice mail on your phone and keep your promises! I.e., don’t make your customer feel forgotten.

2. Don’t dodge complaints!

Being criticized is tedious and to dodge a complaint is often the easy way out. Instead, have a strategy for dealing with complaints. It will be both easier, and the customer will feel noticed.

3. Smile!

Even on the phone! Ignore your bad mood even though it’s Monday morning. Remember that you are what you sell!

4. Give away time (and save your own!)

Time itself is always in short supply. Give away time by having simple contracts, a simple website, etc. Also, don’t let the customers chase you – call them back when you have a missed call! Keep it simple. This way you earn trust, and time.

5. Surprise!

Try to do the unexpected and make the customers remember you!

Good luck!

White paper: Onnistunut CRM

Meitä pyydetään varsin usein listaamaan syitä asiakkuudenhallintaan panostamiselle sekä jakamaan kokemuksiamme aiemmista hankkeista. Mitkä ovat onnistuneen asiakkuudenhallintaprojektin avaimet? Miten saavutetaan lopullinen Graalin malja, kehittyminen asiakasmagneetiksi? Olemme pyrkineet vetämään yhteen oppimaamme viimeisen 25 vuoden ajalta. Koostimme mukavan ja helppolukuisen paketin, joka vastaa useimpiin kysymyksiin!

onnistu crm
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