There are a number of reasons for why you can lose a deal. There is something, nonetheless, that they often have in common – during the sales process, you were not completely aware of what would ultimately determine the customer’s decision.

If you are not aware of the most important factors, you can drop the price significantly or adjust the product/offer in all infinity without it having any effect.

It is however not always easy to figure out exactly where the problem lies. Some customers are very open for this discussion, while others prefer to keep the salesperson at a distance.

Tips on how to find out where the problem lies:

  1. Simply ask the customer which are the most important parameters, that they think will determine their decision.
  2. Every time you present new information regarding your offer or show a new feature in you product; ask what pros and cons the customer perceives.
  3. Ask for “part acceptances” at every stage. Every time you send new information or show a new function; ask if it meets their needs/looks good/if something is missing.
  4. Ask if you can do something more to make it easier for the customer to reach a decision. Make sure to have a couple of concrete suggestions.