Myynti- ja CRM-vinkit!

More curiosity – less effort

Children are rarely focused on being productive, but still manage to build more huts, host more tea parties and perform more mischiefs than adults have time to send important emails. Why is that? One theory is - curiosity!

Save time with smart e-mailing

CRM aims to streamline and create more time for customer caring activities. Here are some tips on how to save lots of time with smart e-mail management.

Increase your focus!

By becoming aware of the most common distractions, you can increase your focus significantly, with quite small means - and thus free up more selling time!

3 Reading Tips About Self Improvement

By changing the way of thinking, you can also change your work approach. This week, Heidi gives you in 3 reading tips on personal development that can help you in your sales.

How do you represent your company?

If you are a happy coworker you are most likely to do a better job - and there is also a very good chance that you are a great ambassador for your company.

How to focus on sales this fall

Q4 is in front of you and I guess you are about to close your budget. To be able to reach your budget it is time to focus like a Greyhound chasing a rabbit!

Never stop selling!

Being a sales rep you all recognize the feeling after you been closing a good deal. At the same time we are familiar with the feeling of losing a deal. Kavjan shares his experiences.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

We must continuously remember that prices are never the single reason people buy. Therefore, you have to look for other sales features that addresses the customer's needs and accordingly build your sales arguments around that feature.

Are you brave enough to pull out of an opportunity?

Tired of opportunities that have consumed a large portion of your time, but never resulted in anything? Dare to challenge your customer! Vincent tells you how to know when pulling out of an opportunity probably is the right thing to do.

Attitude is key!

By thinking positively, it will be easier to achieve your goals. This week, Leo blogs about three useful tips that he has received.

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