How do you represent your company?

2017-12-29T10:25:49+03:004 marraskuu, 2014|CRM|

If you are a happy coworker you are most likely to do a better job - and there is also a very good chance that you are a great ambassador for your company.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

2018-01-04T15:58:25+03:0017 syyskuu, 2014|CRM, Sales|

We must continuously remember that prices are never the single reason people buy. Therefore, you have to look for other sales features that addresses the customer's needs and accordingly build your sales arguments around that feature.

CRM market trends in 2014

2017-12-29T10:28:58+03:0013 helmikuu, 2014|CRM|

In year 2013 we witnessed several trends, such as Social CRM, Crowdsourcing, Big Data and Gamification. Naturally, these trends will not disappear, they will rather refine, deepen and permeate with 2014:s trends.

Give before you take

2018-02-06T19:00:00+03:006 marraskuu, 2012|CRM|

An inspirational post about the basic principles of giving and taking – and how you can apply it in your everyday sales work.

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