Yes – you heard me! In a lecture with Charlie Söderberg, economist and wealth coach, I got an eye-opener that I wish I had been given before. He described a phenomenon he calls Chanterelle. Have you ever picked chantarells in the woods? If you have, you know what process that you have to go through! Immediately when you step out of the car and put on those rubber boots you set your brain on those little yellow things in the ground that may be chanterelles. It takes a big focus and after a while you can spot a chanterelles miles away. Why is that? You would probably not have seen these chantarells if you were not explicitly looking for them.

The same principle applies when you book a trip to an unusual destination, and all of a sudden you hear about others who have just been there and publicity about the destination begin to appear. Strange coincidense, one might think! But it’s not that strange – you have set your mind on a specific event or goal, and therefore it records everything that has to do with it. What is the opposite? Well, you might run into lots of chantarells when you’re out walking your dog without even knowing it.

The same principle can be translated to the life as a salesrep. Without knowing what you seek, you will never be able to find it. If you do not know where you’re going, it doesn’t even matter which path you take. Imagine chanterelles being the symbol of a customers buying signals, if you are not looking for them your customers or prospects could give you how many hints whatsoever without you realizing that you are about to step into a hot business opportunity.

Since I am responsible for my own prospecting, a can chanterelle for me could be to find attractive companies that I have never been in contact with – when I focus my eyes along the highway on the way to a meeting, all these companies logos appear as chantarells along the roadside. Another chantarell that I have to keep my eyes on is customer needs. If I’m not looking for my clients’ needs, I will never be able to offer them a CRM system that give them the added value they’re looking for.

The Chanterelle method is based one important component – focus. No one would ever make an important investment through a salesrep who lacks just that, would you? So how can you apply this in your day to day life as a sales person?

1. Put on your chanterelle glasses
2. Think about where you are today and where you are heading
3. Set up guidelines for what to look for, and start looking!

It’s as simple as that.