“If someone would pay you 1 700 SEK each time you asked for a referral – would you ever miss a single opportunity?

This is how the author and sales coach Bruce King starts his book “Winning Sales Referrals” – a really good read for those of you who have missed him or his books! The book is about a subject where many sales reps perform poorly – asking for new referrals.

On a daily basis we end up in situations with customers, prospects, business partners etc. where a simple question could have given us several new, hot leads – yet we do not ask the question:

“Glad to hear you are so happy with our product/service dear Customer! I would really appreciate if you could take a minute to help me out. Is there anyone you know that (…matches my prospect profile) you could introduce me to?” Silent closure.

The example above is perhaps the easiest situation where we can ask for referrals; when in contact with a happy and satisfied customer. Fact is though that our workday is full of opportunities to ask for new potential business opportunities:

  • When we don’t close the deal.
    If you have done a good sales performance but still hasn’t gotten the deal it is likely that your prospects feel they owe you one, give them an opportunity to get rid of their guilt!
  • When we have closed a deal.
    Instead of dealing with the administrative part straight away, stop and ask your new customer for tips on other people in the same situation.
  • After a successful first meeting with a prospect.
    You have just finished a successful first meeting with a new potential customer and the atmosphere is good. Instead of just packing up and leaving – ask for referrals nearby or in your prospects network.

Good luck in your prospecting!