The subject for this post is about a potential goldmine which unfortunately I think many sales reps miss – taking care of, and at the same time selling more to, existing customers.

You all know how it is: you are working hard getting new customers, you are keeping a high activity level and after having worked on a specific deal over a longer period of time you have now been able to get a signature on paper. “Yes, finally!” you think and you do your victory dance around your desk. Seven second later you are focusing on the deal and you are already starting to forget about your new customer. Best case scenario is that you do a follow up call after a couple of months but then then there is unfortunately not much more happening.

As important as it is keeping a high activity level when it comes to getting new customers I believe it is keeping a regular activity level with your existing customers. It doesn’t take long to make a follow up call once every six months or to drop by for a coffee if you are close by and it can give you so much in return. For starters it may be that new business opportunities have popped up – one example is when I recently called a customer to make sure that their support errand was solved and I realized that there was a new business opportunity ten times as big as the initial deal that I did with the customer – but it could also give me a perfect opportunity to ask for new leads – “I’m happy to hear that you really like or products/services! Do you know anyone else that we could help the same way?”

Besides, regularly keeping in touch with our customers will not only keep them in a good mood but will probably also create positive word-of-mouth, or to adjust it to 2012: positive word-of-mouse!

In conclusion: keep getting your customer base to grow but make sure to care for them when times are slow!