So the summer vacation is over and you are back in business. Almost two months has probably gone since your vacation and no more excuse for staying in vacation mode anymore. Now it is time to step up and focus on your sales. You have Q4 in front of you, and I guess you are about to close in to your budget goals? To be able to both reach and beat those numbers it is now time to focus like a Greyhound chasing a rabbit!

The right activities at the right time

Your focus should lie in sales driven activities. Distribute your sales time during the day in calling, customer visits, mails, tenders, and preparations. But prioritize sales calls and meetings during the “hot” hours. This is only to help yourself to focus on the right activities during the right time, to be able to reach your budget goal!

 Make sure to:

  1. Prospecting – have a plan and a target group you would like to reach. And follow your plan: you want to close some deals and not just talk to the nice person over the phone.
  2. Qualification – qualify your prospects and customers even harder than before. You don’t want to end up looking back at the end of the year and realize that you only drank a lot of coffee and had some nice chats. Focus on qualifying correctly, the persons you are about to meet should be ready to book at tender meeting after the meeting. If they don’t have the time, just let go and have a plan to win the over to your side later on. Focus on the right prospects/customers now.
  3. High activity level – don’t make up any excuses for not doing your to do’s, just do them (don’t forget #2.). Increase your activity goals by 5-10% internally for yourself. Trust me, it is possible since you focus on the right sales driven activities now! Set up your own activity ladder (amount of sales calls, customer visits, tenders, and orders per month) as an analysis on how extra activities can increase your sales. But once again, Qualify your contacts! You don’t want to make a lot of customer visits with the wrong prospects, because then you lose valuable sales time which could have been spend on closing deals instead.

Now, it is up to you! Have a great Q4 and good luck!