Seeking out what new prospects to call can be done in different ways, both good and bad. But to actually call them tends to be the toughest. Picking up the phone and dial the number is a frightening thing to do for many. What if someone answers!

I have done a lot of cold calling during the past few weeks. Since I have not done that a lot before, I have found that my ”usual” approach is not enough. Therefore, I have summarized a few bullets below that has helped me during the cold calling. You have probably heard them before, but I think that it is never wrong to hear the same thing once again 😉

  • Have a list of companies you want to call. If you look for companies between calls, you lose both speed and focus.
  • Set goals! How many calls shall you make? Are you able to compete with a colleague – do it!
  • Set specific times in your calendar when you do cold calling.
  • Stand up! In order to maintain a high tempo, it is good to stand up. The whole body will help you to work through the list. With a fast pace you will be focused and make better calls!
  • Try a new pitch! Unless you get a hit on every sales call, you should constantly try to improve your outcomes.
  • Stop thinking, just call! If you stop and start to think you lose focus. Make sure you reflect on how it went, but after the session.

Getting a negative answer phone call after phone call can feel disheartening and unmotivated, but remember the times you actually get a yes! Also, remember that cold calls usually involves many no thanks today, but for every call that you make you plant a seed so the next time you come in contact it might have grown. I can honestly say that a deal that I have taken from cold to order feels absolutely amazing!

Good luck!