As salesmen we often work towards a budget and we always want green numbers. Some periods are brilliant and money is flowing in without any noticeable effort. Other periods, we do not even want to go to work and the inspiration is long gone.

One trick to make the budget seem more reachable is to divide it up in smaller parts. How much do you have to sell each month to reach the yearly budget? Is the peak season during the fall you can divide the budget in advance so you know that you have to perform better during this period.

Example: Reach 70% of your budget during peak season and 30% during low season, divided in months.

But even if you divide your budget into smaller and more reachable goals, some months the budget may seem far away anyway. Even of it is of most importance to stay focused on the goal, sometimes it may help not to think about the goal. If you do not think about your goal right in the moment of your performance, you can avoid getting hit by performance anxiety.

Example: Plan your work so you have enough business opportunities in your pipeline to feel secure. When it is time to perform, for example on a meeting or in the negotiation, do not thing about how important this particular deal is for your budget, but try to be in the moment.

It is all about focusing on the right things.

Of course it takes time and a lot of experience to focus right and let go of your concerns about your budget. Do not let your goals stop you!

Recipe to handle your budget goal:

  • Divide your budget in parts that are easy to relate to
  • Disconnect your distant goal in the moment of performance

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