Lund, February 15: Today, Lundalogik announce that they are one of Sweden’s most attractive employers.

Every year, ”Career Companies” (Karriärföretagen) lists the 100 most attractive companies in Sweden. The list takes both employees and a jury motivation in consideration and consists mainly of recurring well-known companies like Ikea, Google, Skanska and TeliaSonera. But this year, 23 new companies got a spot on the list; four of them are in the region of Skåne, and all are IT companies.

”It shows that IT is very hot in Skåne and Sweden, and we are in good company. The region attracts a lot of great competence right now,” says Erik Syrén, CEO of Lundalogik.

He Continues:

”Lundalogik is growing and we work extremely hard to find new talents. We want to ensure that our employees are happy and give them an opportunity to make a career within the company.”

This is the jury’s motivation for Lundalogik:

”During the past year, Lundalogik have shown great commitment to the vulnerable members of the society through Their investment in pay it forward. Here newcomers, and those who have been outside the job market, got a chance to get an employment at the company. Lundalogik is also putting emphasis on gender equality, which through a women’s network in combination with conferences for female students, attempt to change the gender imbalance in the industry. Further training is dear to the heart for Lundalogik, where the major resources are put on the company’s own trainee programs. Hereby, Lundalogik is selected as one of Sweden’s 100 Career Companies 2016. ”