It has long been said that you always should be yourself in all situations. To this I agree to the fullest and I will always tell people to be them self since it will make you a better person in the long run. Never the less, you should always be prepared to alter your personality a bit. As a sales rep you meet lots of different people and by altering your personality a portion you can win a lot.

Disc-analysis are something that have helped me as a sales rep to have more self-confidence and to be stronger. There are 4 different types of discs, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. You always have a part from them all but nothing says that the parts are equal. All discs have their pros and cons.

Red – Dominance

The people that have a lot of red in their personality tend to be direct, dominant, have a strong will and very goal oriented.

These people seldom have time for small talks and therefore, you need to be more red yourself to handle these kind of people.

Yellow – Enthusiasts

People that like to stand in the middle and get all of the attention. They like to express themselves verbally and also loves to get credit for their work.

Give these people the space to run around, but be careful not to let them take over a meeting and leading it to what they like more than what you have planned.

Green – Relations

Green people are not from space, they are very human and tends to focus on the relationship with other people and like to listen and care.

Make sure that you invite these people to discussions in the meeting and ask for their opinion. Look them in the eyes, see them and respect their input. This will make you loved by the green people.

Blue – Analysing

Blue people cares about facts, number and structure. This is their type of communication and not words often.

With the blue people you need to accept that the discussion will be about facts and sometimes over and over again. You really need to make the blue calm about your offer and what it will give them.

What is your colour?

By learning these different discs and having them in mind when entering a meeting you will probably get out more of the meeting since you now are a master of altering your personality. You are now a sales chameleon.