CRM aims to streamline and create more time for customer caring activities. Here’s another tip on how to save yourself and everyone around you lots of time: smart e-mail management.

I receive and send incredible amounts of mail every day. Does this sound familiar? In order to save your recipients some time, I suggest that you check the list below and think about how you can use it.

Checklist for smarter e-mails

Go through the following bullets before sending your next message. You will appear to be a much more practical person who is easy to work with.

Never send an e-mail:

  • at the wrong time.
  • that you don’t have purpose with.
  • without a clear question that the recipient can act on.
  • with recipients who are not directly affected by the email.
  • mixed Information; discussions, information or instructions.
  • with ”Reply to all” unless everyone needs the information.

 Use an established prefix in the subject line

In order for your message to be more clear, use a prefix in the subject line that describes your e-mail. These are more or less standard ones:

  • TODO:
  • FYI: (For your information)
  • Q: (Question)

Good luck!