Life as a salesperson can sometimes be tough. The constant fight over the same customers, whom starts to get tired of taking your calls. And sometimes when you feel down, you may need some inspiration!

In a blog post on the blog Thank You For Selling, they highlights the 50 best salespeople of all time. I get very inspired to see that regardless of who you are and what you come from, you can, with willpower, get exactly where you want be. We’ve chosen to highlight the top 10 below. We hope you can find someone who inspires you to become a little bit better on sales.

1. Alfred Fuller
Also known as the ”Fuller Brush Man” for his household brush that became famous in the 1900s. Instead of just selling the product he asked his clients for comments on the brush, to be able create a brush that he knew would attract the market. His company sold for $ 8,500 the first year, which today would be approximately $ 244,000 (2.2 million SEK).

2. Anneke seley
Sales ​​guru who does not keep her knowledge all to herself. World famous for her book ”Sales 2.0 technique”. She inspires up-and-coming business to reach higher for their goals.

3. Ben Feldman
Former world record holder for selling the most products in a year (worth 800 million SEK). During his sales career from 1942 until his death in 1993, he sold insurance for New York Life, worth $ 1 800 00 00 (15 329 880 000 SEK).

4. BR Shetty
Bavaguthu Raghuram or BR Shetty left India and came to Abu Dhabi more than 40 years ago. His career started as a door-to-door medical sales representative. Today it has grown into a private health care company, NMC Healthcare, who treats up to 5,000 patients each day.

5. Barry Maher
Canon, Hewlett-Packard, McDonald’s, Wells Fargo and Verzion, are just some of the clients in Machers impressive portfolio. Maher began his career as a salesman and is now one of the world’s most respected sales and business speakers.

6. Bella Weems
”Earn it” – That was the answer that Bella got from her parents when she, 14 years old asked if she could get a car when she turned 16. She then got the idea of ​​starting a company that sold customizable lockets, and now, four years later, the company has grown to be a multi-million company with over 300 employees and 60 000 distributors.

7. Benjamin Franklin
While history books portray him as an inventor, we know that he was also an extraordinary seller at young age. At 12, he served as an apprentice to his uncle who was a printer. After helping his uncle compose pamphlets he sold them on the streets.

8. Bob Urichuck
His enthusiasm and humility makes him a favorite when it comes to speakers of business. Urichuck has been invited to speak in more than 1,500 cities in more than 45 countries. He has also written many books such as ”Motivate your team in 30 days” and ”Velocity Selling: How to Attract, Engage, and Empower Buyers to Buy.”

9. Brian Tracy
He might be an expert in real estate, but he also uses his knowledge to encourage other people to be competitive when it comes to sales. Tracy has written 55 books translated into 42 languages. He also conducts seminars and workshops where he talks about his sales strategies. If you, like me, like to be inspired every day, I can recommend his Facebook page.

10. Colleen Stanley
With her understanding of the importance of emotions in selling, she managed to increase sales of the company Varsity from $ 8 million (68 million SEK) to an impressive $ 90 million over a 10-year period. Author of the book ”Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success”.

Are you more curious about any of the above? Google it! There is a lot of information written about them. Are you eager to read further in the list and see who the other 40 people are? Read more here!