As a sales rep, I am the best when I feel like an entrepreneur and the decisions I make are the same as I if the company I work for would be my own company.

Entrepreneurs often talk about the importance of mentors as a sounding board in order to make the right decisions. I think that this is equally important for those who want to develop their sales career. Mentoring should not be confused with training or coaching, it is more about reflecting with someone more experienced who you look up to.

Here are 3 bullet points to consider on how to get ahead with a mentorship:

  1. A mentorship doesn’t have to be a written contract or include monthly meetings. It can be about spontaneous conversations or sharing of opinions and articles between each other.
  2. Get yourself more than one mentor inside and outside of work. The important thing is to think about what you want to get out of you mentor.
  3. Show appreciation and keep a good contact

Super entrepreneur Robert Herjavec from American Shark Tank received one of his most important advice from his unofficial mentor, Warren Avis, who also founded Avis Rent car. When Robert stood in front of the window, Avis explained to him that he should change his approach to sales and gave him an example: instaed of acting like the hot dog vendor below, he rather should be the person who sold the hot dogs to all hot dog vendors.

What people would get you to think bigger, different and would just not agree with you all the time?