Sometimes it’s good to look back and reflect how the last half a year has been – what went well, what didn’t go so well and what you can learn from it. Looking back I realized what closing methods have worked the best the last 6 months. Here is my top 3 list:

Ask for the order! I dare you!

If you feel that you’ve covered all requirements and identified the decision maker, it becomes natural to just ask for the order. This is an effective way to either get the order or a straight answer on what’s preventing them to make the decision.

“How do we get further?”

If you have done your job and pushed the customer into the next phase in their buying process it’s easy to ask the customer for the next step. And if you’re lucky – an order might be the answer.

“Is there anything…?”

If the customer confirms there is nothing more you can do to help their decision making, a question about the order will seem natural.

What’s your top 3? Please share!