”Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” –Indian proverb.

In sales the main focus is always the customers need. I think that possibility to succeed with a deal were customer has the need, is quite high. But how do I get a meeting or make deals when I need to sell to someone who does not yet know their needs or my products and does now know that he really would need it? The answer is; visualize.

When I started doing cold calls I had a very small sales background, I felt a bit lost. It felt like I was just asking people how their status is now and if there is a need for solution. I felt that comparing to the level of contacts I did not get results I wanted.

Visualization calls

That is when I started doing “visualization calls”. When contacting a prospect we talk about needs and their situation. If the prospect hesitates, rejects or seems clueless, I have begun to ask many different or unusual questions. The questions vary, for example: “How would your perfect solution look like?” or “What would your employees answer to these questions?”

Unexpected questions

Come up with whatever unusual question that they maybe have not thought before. When the prospect starts thinking that you might have a point, they will stagger with their previous “not interested” or “I don´t know”. At this point I will not try to put our product in to this vision, yet, it is only about what the customer needs and me helping him to create this vision together. When the picture is clear, you now have a great change to describe how your product could meet (and sometime not) their needs and make their vision possible.


A small idea can take you to the future

Even a small new idea can make prospects think differently, and this will give you a change to go even further. Visualization it is also good for looking into the future. How many umbrellas could you sell if you at the same time could virtually show that there is rain promised within an hour? Many people say that they do not need to change old habits. Well, I promise that this is worth trying.

Create a vision together about the better possibility or different looking future and but an effort in it. And always of course, being humble and honest.